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macOS Mojave won't download from App Store



  • Germán Guarna

    Hi, I found a solution for my issue. Hope it helps you.
    I made a reset to PRAM and SMC. Don't know why but after that, everything worked just fine.
    Never the less I can't say I'm happy with the mojave upgrade on my macbook pro mid 2012.

  • Germán Guarna

    Hi, unfortunately the problem still persists. I updated my macbook pro 13" mid 2012 to Mojave today, and when I try to update some apps, for example Logic Pro x or iMovie, the little wheel keeps spinning and the update doesn't start.

    Tried to renew certificates in KeyChain and also no luck. Any other advice you could give me?


  • Angus

    Hi Germán, sorry to hear that. Open Console, search "App Store", share text or screenshots of the errors. The errors have a yellow dot in the Type column.

  • Todd Kelman

    I'm getting similar errors (see attached) to what you're describing, but the solution didn't work for me - followed it to the letter.  When I hit the "update" button on an app in the App Store, it spins for second then the button goes right back to "update" and the following failures occur in the console (again, attached - there's two attempts to update captured in this console screenshot)

    Any thoughts?  Thanks so much!

  • John Wesley Barker

    Thanks, your Solution worked for me, at last.

  • Permanently deleted user

    I tied this post's solution and it did not work until I tried German's solution (reset to PRAM and SMC). App store now works on Mojave!


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