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Downgrade tvOS 13 to 12 on Apple TV HD and 4K



  • James Craig

    Give me a break here. Here and everyone else says to just hook your laptop to the Apple TV4 (not 4K) using SSB C cable. Well, that it patently impossible without a usb connector on the darn thing. My problem is that Beamer, our go to streamer, does not seem to be able to work with system 13 so I would really like to return to 12. Any ideas?

  • Angus

    Hi James, sorry to hear Beamer is not working on tvOS 13. It must be frustrating after enjoying the streaming software for so long, for it to suddenly stop working. My suggestion, if you're open to one, try out Plex. It's a solid media streamer and apparently works fine on 13.0.

    If you want more assistance - I can setup your Plex streaming - book me in here:

    I've also updated this article to reflect the changes with yesterday's release of tvOS 13.0. 

  • Earl Krueger

    James, you can give airflow a go. It works with tvOS 13 and has quite a bit more features than beamer, which appears to be abandoned. It's also the only app I know of that can stream HEVC videos from desktop to Apple TV without transcoding the video.


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